How do I tell which items have been pledged to which teams?
The team associated with each item is listed on its online listing, and will be written on its donation form, and announced at the live auction.

Do my donated items have to go toward a team?
No, many items are simply in the auction without association with any team.

Can I give items to more than one team?
If you give multiple items you are welcome to give them to different teams.

Can the same item count for more than one team?
No, each item can be associated with at most one team.

What if people from multiple teams join forces to bid on an item together?
Points go to the team that donated the item, so it doesn’t matter who bids.

Can I decide at the last minute whether or not to pledge my item to a team?
The donor of an item may pledge it to a team at any time before bidding closes on it.  Items which go to Live Auction will have their team affiliations announced before live bidding begins, and the affiliation cannot be changed once live bidding begins.  Silent auction items may be added to a team after bidding begins, but cannot leave a team once money has been bid on them.

Can I create my own team?
Yes, you may create a new team, so long as it has at least one donated item.

What if I don’t have any ideas for items to donate?
See our “Donation Suggestions” page or talk to one of the Team Captains—they will happily help you come up with donations to fit your budget and skills.

How do I donate an item?
Have an item or service to donate to the Vericon Charity Auction? Donate your item or service by filling out this form here!


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