Team Competitions

There will be a Team Competition at this year’s Vericon Charity Auction, to see which team can raise the most money at the auction. The winning team will be declared victor, and get to run the next year’s Charity Auction, and gloat all year (gloating is most of the fun!). All proceeds from all teams still go to Cittadini del Mondo.

This year’s teams will be TEAM SWORD vs. TEAM STARSHIP! Click each team name for more info and recruitment statements from each of the teams!

These teams represent themes in the Guest of Honor’s debut series of novels as well as items familiar to most fans of speculative fiction. If you would like to learn more about how Ann Leckie uses the themes of swords and starships, pick up a copy of Ancillary Justice and begin reading!

Each time you donate an item, you can contribute it to one team or the other, or create your own team.  Each item is separate, so you can throw your lot in entirely with Team Sword or Team Starship, or if you prefer you can give some items to each, whatever you think will be most fun.


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