Donation Suggestions

The Vericon Charity Auction is made possible by generous donations from friends and attendees at the convention.  All kinds of donations are welcome: books, handicrafts, toys, food, custom items, services, anything.  While some donations are large, the auction thrives on many small donations from friends.

If you want to donate but are having trouble thinking of an item, here are some suggestions. Additionally, the Auction Organizers and the Team Leaders from the Team Competition would be happy to talk to you directly to help suggest a donation that fits your budget and skill level, so contact them anytime.

One important change: Because Cittadini del Mondo is unknown in the USA, they do not have US non-profit status (though they do in the EU). This means that this year’s auction donations will probably not be able to be tax deductible. We will do research into whether it is possible or practical to make them so, but for now we should assume that we can’t. For those for whom tax deductions are important, we are sorry but we hope you will understand that it is worth-it to support such a unique cause.
Donation Suggestions:

  • Handicrafts have been very successful.  Do you sew, knit, draw, compose, make pottery, etc.?  Handmade items do well, while promises of future custom items often do even better.
  • Do you enjoy creative writing?  Promises of a custom short story or custom fanfic have done well.  So have promises of writing some kind of online content, like a custom book or movie review to be posted on a blog.
    • HRSFA-themed projects also do well, for example pledging to write a “HRSFA Creation Myth” or creating a fairytale-style children’s book with a fictionalized storybook Tale of HRSFA of some sort.
  • Do you write small projects, like fanfic, essays, or analysis, even particularly interesting blog entries?  Collect your favorites and have it printed as a bound volume – you would be surprised how many people are excited by that, even people who have read them before.
  • Do you have computer skills?  Promises to spend a certain number of hours helping someone with something like Photoshop, html, WordPress, even proofreading is very valuable.
  • Do you cook?  Food items, baked goods, ingredients, and promises to cook in future do well.  In the past, individual food items have done better than baskets.
  • No ideas for something to make yourself?  One easy way to find exciting items is to go to a used stuff or used clothing store and find something that would make a fun costume piece or prop.
  • Do you have any old costume items you don’t use anymore? Attendees love costumes.
  • Gathering together materials from friends can make a great creative project.  For example:
    • Right now a project to create a HRSFA Photo Album is coming along beautifully.
    • You could gather recipes from friends who cook and make a custom mini-cookbook.
    • You could create a custom game.  For example, gather images from online to create a custom Dixit set, invent a custom expansion set for some well-loved game, or create some fun cards for 1,000 Blank White Cards.
    • Donations don’t have to come from your personal possessions or creations. Many businesses are willing to donate gift baskets or gift certificates to charity auctions! You can ask your employer or a business you patronize to donate.
  • Books are an obvious donation. In the past, books have usually sold, but sometimes not.  Make sure your book choice is something you know attendees know and would enjoy.  Books do better when more than one person gets excited competing over them.

Have an item or service to donate to the Vericon Charity Auction? Donate your item or service by filling out this form here!


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