Chemistry tutoring – 2 hours

You’ll get to have me for nefarious chemistry purposes* over a suitable medium (Skype, gChat, etc.). I can answer conceptual questions, help with problem sets and exam study, assist with labs or draft practice problems as befits your needs. My specialties are organic, inorganic and biological chemistry, but chemical space is expansive and growing, so it’s really up to you what we cover.

*This can be anything from coursework to worldbuilding and everything in between. It’s really up to you what you want to do with the time. I just provide the chemistry.
**If the bid reaches $60, then each bidder may purchase multiple copies (max. 4 total for all bidders). So you can get 4 hours for $120 and so on, up to 8 hours if uncontested.

Donated by Michael Mellas

Starting bid: $40

Up to 4 copies available if bidding should reach $60.


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